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When is the best time to take blood pressure medications? Day or night? It is general practice that most people take blood pressure medications during the day. Studies indicate it might be helpful to take the medicine at night. Taking anti-hypertensive medicines at night rather than in the morning improved blood pressure control and reduced the risk of cardiovascular disease according to a study published by the European Heart Journal.

Research for the trial included around 20,000 adults, 60 years of age and older, and diagnosed with high blood pressure. The study separated the participants into one of two groups: one group took their pills in the morning and the other group took them at bedtime. The study monitored the groups’ blood pressure for over 6 years.

The study found that the group who took blood pressure medicine at night were 43% less likely to experience a heart attack, stroke, or heart failure compared to those who took the medicine in the morning. The study also noted those who took their medicine in the nighttime had a 49% lower risk for stroke, 34% lower risk for heart attack, and 42% lower risk for developing heart failure.

Don’t start changing dosing time without consent from the doctor. There may be specific reasons why medicine should be taken in the morning. For example; older adults need to be careful about taking blood pressure medicine at night. Standing up too quickly in the middle of the night can result in blood pressure drop and a fall. The most important thing is to pick a time and stick to it.

Hermida et al. Bedtime hypertension treatment improved cardiovascular risk reduction: the Hygia Chronotherapy Trial. European Heart Journal. 2019 Oct 22;1-12.

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