Falls cause many injuries among retirees. Assessing a person’s risk of falling can help prevent falls. Medical professionals use many different tools and assessments to measure fall risk. Below is a simplified explanation of one.

This is a summary of the Get Up and Go assessment. It should NOT be used for self-assessments as vital details regarding preparation are missing for the sake of conciseness.

1. The person starts seated, with correct posture, in a chair.

2. On the word “go”, the person stands up and walks to a line on the floor 3 meters away.

3. Once the person reaches that line, he or she turns around, walks back to the chair, and sits down.

Typically, a healthy retiree can complete the task in ten seconds or less. If you or someone you know has fears about falling, remember, we are here to help. We can assess your home for fall risks, assess gait and balance, and provide in-home gait rehab – all with Medicare pay 100%.

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