One in three seniors fall each year. These falls can lead to injury and potentially disability. While fall prevention is important, it’s also vital to talk about what to do should a fall happen. Helping a senior get back up incorrectly can lead to injury. Below we will discuss how to properly help seniors up after they fall.


  1. First, have them stay still for a few moments and allow themselves to calm down.
  2. Once they are calm, have them do a self-assessment for injury. If they are injured, call 911 immediately and await their assistance. Do not try to move an injured person on your own.
  3. If they are not injured, have them roll over onto one side. Have them rest for a moment after they’ve finished rolling over. This is to help their blood pressure adjust and their nerves to settle before going on to the next steps.
  4. Find a sturdy chair and place it near them. If such a chair is unmovable, have the senior crawl to the nearest one.
  5. Once the chair is in place, have them put their hands on the seat of the chair. The senior should then get into crawl position if they have not already done so. If they are unable to get into crawl position on their own, call for assistance.
  6. After assuming crawl position, they need to move one foot forward, so it is flat on the floor while keeping the other knee on the floor. If they have sore knees, you can place a towel or blanket under the knee for comfort.
  7. Now, have them slowly raise themselves up and then turn around and sit in the chair. Alternatively, if there is a second chair available, put the second chair behind them once they’re standing and have them sit in it.


Remember to report any falls to his or her doctor and consider scheduling an appointment to assess for a fall-risk assessment. Also, since this method relies on the senior being able to help move, if they are unable to do this, call 911 for assistance.

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