Over 700,000 total knee replacement surgeries are performed each year. It’s common, but like any surgery, it can come with risks. That is why it’s important to know if surgery is needed. To that end, here are some common signs that a knee is failing.

  • Visible deformities are appearing outside the knee joint
  • The joint has lost function
  • Pain is chronic
  • There is an inward bow to the knee

There are non-surgical options and it is wise to try some of them first. However, if nothing is working, then it is time to see a doctor. He or she can examine the knee thoroughly. Imaging tests and even MRI’s may be ordered to help see the shape the knee is in. If the doctor recommends knee replacement surgery, one should not delay. Delaying surgery can lead to the condition getting worse and opens the door for complications down the line. Many of these complications require surgery to correct.

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