There is some confusion about what is personal care and what is home health. Both are health-related, care services that are offered to seniors, disabled individuals, and people with illnesses. However, there are key differences to understand both care types.


Personal care is meant to help with activities of daily living such as grooming, moving, and bathing. Other services can include housekeeping, assistance with transportation, and meal preparation based on what agency is being used.


Home health care refers to care supervised by a doctor and administered by a registered nurse or physical therapist. It is medical care that is given in the home. Home health can provide some personal care that is secondary to the intermittent medical need. Traditional Medicare pays 100% for home health, but not for personal care.


It’s important to know the differences so people can pick the right care type for their situation. If you need help with ongoing medical issues, remember, we are here to help. Our staff can help manage medical issues and keep track of disease progress.

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