Shortness of breath is an issue that comes with having COPD. However, there are ways to help get breathing back on track. One of these ways is pursed-lip breathing. Here is how it’s done:

  1. First, you relax your neck and shoulders
  2. Then you breathe in (inhale) slowly through your nose two counts while keeping your mouth closed. You don’t have to take a deep breath; a normal one will do.
  3. After taking your breath, purse your lips as if you are getting ready to whistle, and exhale slowly for four counts.

If the above counts are too much for you, just make sure your exhale twice as long as you’re inhaling. When done properly, pursed-lip breathing can improve ventilation, release the air trapped in the lungs, and relieves shortness of breath.

For severe episodes of shortness of breath, call your doctor.

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