For certain health issues, older adults may need to buy durable medical equipment (DME). This can be a confusing and complex process. There are many questions one should ask when purchasing equipment. Here are a few key ones.

  1. Do you accept my Medicare plan? Depending on the type of coverage one has, companies may not be able to help with pricing. Some plans specificity which DME suppliers must be used in order to get coverage.
  2. Are you a Medicare participating provider? This is important as participating provers accept Medicare assignment rates. They can only charge Medicare-approved prices for covered equipment. Places who are not providers can charge more.
  3. Do you have an Assistive Technology Professional (ATP)? This is important in the case of wheeled equipment. Older adults will want to get an evaluation from the supplier’s ATP to make sure everything is working correctly and fits.
  4. What about maintenance? Ask the company how often the product require maintenance. Are there any local agencies that can help with that? It’s important to be able to get a quick response should equipment break.

These questions can help avoid headache and financial strain when buying medical equipment.

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