Medication’s side-effects on driving are concerning at any age. However, it becomes more of a concern as we get older. There are a variety of reasons why that is.


  • As we age, side-effects of medication may become more severe.
  • Since our bodies tend to slow down as we get older, it takes longer for side-effects to wear off.
  • The more medications one takes, the higher a risk there is for interactions. Older people tend to take more medications.


The main thing to remember is to keep your doctors up to date on all medications you take. This way, they can plan prescriptions around keeping negative reactions from happening. Also, keep track of potential medication side-effects. If these include drossiness or slowed reaction time, see if it’s possible to have the medication changed. If not, plan your driving around your medication schedule. Limit driving to times when side-effects have worn off. When taking new medications, do not drive until you see how they affect you. Everybody has a unique reaction to medications.

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