Heart disease is a leading cause of mortality in the United States. When it comes to heart health and overall fitness, small changes can add up to big improvements. One does not need to do hardcore workouts or incredibly restrictive diets to see health benefits. We will outline some of these small, but impactful, changes below.


  • Take a walk: For those who don’t currently exercise, a brief walk can be a good way to start. Even if you do currently exercise, incorporating walks are great for adding activity.
  • Cut back on sugary drinks: These are liquid calories that can really contribute to excess weight. Cutting back on them can help maintain a healthy weight.
  • Cut back on the salt: Too much salt can raise blood pressure and exasperate other cardiovascular issues. Try using other seasonings such as herbs or lemon juice instead.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables: Just adding in one extra serving of either can help with better nutrition.
  • Swap out fatty snacks with nuts: Studies have found that small quantities of nuts each day can help improve heart health. Try swapping out a junk food snack with nuts such as almonds and peanuts.
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