Respiratory health is crucial for overall health. Respiratory issues are the third most common cause of mortality for people age 65 and older. These issues can range from lung cancer to COPD to simple aging of the lungs. Whatever the issue, respiratory problems can exasperate other health issues. Because of this, its important to keep on top of respiratory health. Below are tips for maintaining good respiratory function.


  • A healthy diet: Good nutrition can do much to strengthen the respiratory system, particularly if said diet is rich in antioxidants.
  • Exercise: Physical activity strengthens the lungs. Ask a doctor about what exercises are appropriate for you.
  • Keep regular checkups: For many respiratory disorders, early diagnosis and intervention can make a big difference. Regular doctor checkups increase the chance of early discovery.
  • Stop smoking: For those who smoke, quitting will reduce the effects of respiratory issues. Avoid secondhand smoke as well.
  • Avoid radon gas: Radon gas can contribute to respiratory issues. Consider a radon gas detector for your home to make sure levels are not harmful.


Taking these steps can help improve respiratory health, which helps improve overall wellbeing. Remember, we are also here to help with respiratory issues. We can help monitor flare-ups and help with home management plans. Medicare pays 100%.

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