Elderly African American man lying in bed with female Hispanic caregiver with the text "Tips for Treating Bedsores"

Bedsores or pressure ulcers are lesions on the skin that appear because of pressure. They usually appear on people who are confined to their bed or a chair due to illness and are very painful. Sitting or lying for long periods can cause the skin to weaken and become infected. Bedsores start out mild but can grow to be severe quickly. Here are some tips from the American Academy of Family Physicians about treating bedsores.

  • Foam Pillows: Use foam pads or pillows to take the pressure off the sore. Getting special pads, pillows, and mattress covers can help provide support in bed. Special seat cushions can help with chairs. Better support reduces pressure.
  • Change positions: When lying in bed, change position every two hours.
  • Sit Up Straight: Sit up straight when sitting in a chair or wheelchair. This allows ease of movement and adjustment. Change position every 15 minutes while sitting.
  • Nutrition: Poor nutrition can exasperate bedsores.
  • Hygiene: No matter what stage the sore is at, hygiene helps with healing. More advanced sores may require professional assistance.

Bedsores are uncomfortable and painful. They can also lead to increased risk of infection. Remember, we are here to help with bedsores. We can send nurses to help monitor healing as well as aid with adjustments, hygiene, and other medical care.

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