Sometimes, medications we take may no longer be needed. In that case, what do we do with the unused medication? There are several ways to go about disposing of unused/unneeded medication. We’ll discuss some of them below.

The ideal way to dispose of medicine is using medicine take-back options. This is where officials will collect the medicine and take them to be safely disposed of. Generally, there are two options for medicine take-backs, periodic events and permanent collection sites. Contact your local authorities to see what options are available in your area.

For some medications, it is recommended to flush them down the toilet. This is only for medicines that come with specific instructions to do that.

If the first two options are not available, then throw the medicine in the trash. When you do this, take the pills out of the bottle and mix them all together with something like dirt, coffee grounds, or cat litter and put them in a sealed plastic bag. Be sure to remove all labels from bottles when disposing of them.

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