Strokes are serious medical events. Almost 800,000 people suffer a stroke each year with 140,000 of them ending in mortality. Those who survive a stroke may encounter difficulties with movement. We will discuss a few of those complications below.

  • Changes in muscles: Stroke can have varying effects on the muscles. It can cause the muscles to become stiff and tight, or they can become floppy and loose. Both contribute to issues with mobility.
  • Weakness: The feet and legs may become paralyzed or weakened.
  • Joint issues: If muscles are tight or weak, they can become shorter. This results in joints becoming fixed.
  • Changes in sensation: One can lose the sensation of feeling or may become hypersensitive.
  • Issues with coordination: One may experience issues with planning movements. This can lead to clumsy or sluggish motions.
  • Fatigue: After a stroke, one may get tired more easily than before.

These are just a few changes that can happen in the aftermath of a stroke. Remember, when it comes to stroke rehabilitation we are here to help. We can send specialists into the home for rehabilitative treatment.

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